Feb. 13th, 2019

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The EU have finalized the disaster that is Articles 11& 13

Please re-share the link widely and take action. This has the potential to endanger the #internet as we know it, making it more and more composed of only large platforms and censoring access to news, information, art, and content of any kind.

"Reproducing more than “single words or very short extracts” of news stories will require a licence. That will likely cover many of the snippets commonly shown alongside links today in order to give you an idea of what they lead to. We will have to wait and see how courts interpret what “very short” means in practice – until then, hyperlinking (with snippets) will be mired in legal uncertainty.

No exceptions are made even for services run by individuals, small companies or non-profits, which probably includes any monetised blogs or websites.

If you are in Europe you still have a chance to stop this. We outside Europe can only provide help by sharing the information and encouraging people to go read and act based on the link above.


joseph_teller: Unquiet But Polite (Default)
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