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2019-03-01 07:45 am
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Probs with my account

Interesting Problem... apparently Dreamwidth will only let me log on from my old machine, not my new one, as it will only let one of my machines be "remembered?"

I tried on the new one, then tried to get a password reset and ran into the problem that the Captcha system did not show me anything (no graphic) which was necessary to do a password change request.

I sent an email to them.... we'll see what happens.
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2019-03-01 09:35 am
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French Language Finally Adapts To Reality

French language Guardians finally accept Feminine job Titles into official Language:

BBC News Coverage Of Changes

In its report it said "the academy considers that all developments aiming at recognising in language the place of women in today's society can be foreseen, as long as they do not contravene the elementary and fundamental rules of language".