Mar. 2nd, 2019

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I watch a lot of Youtube videos, as I find them entertaining viewing with breakfast and sometimes lunch and allow me to expand my horizons, learn new stuff, and just find the funny.

If you're looking for something different take a look at the playlists (constantly expanding) I have set up on my youtube channel:

Joseph Teller Play Lists

There's a few music ones in among the more interesting subjects (Like History, Tabletop Gaming, Film & TV, Writing, Science, etc.)
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[Ancient Swiss Tradition Of Masks]

This has every earmark of a left over tradition from pre-Christian days in Switzerland. Especially with the modern timing that now goes from Candlemas to Fat Tuesday, and the connection with (until the current era) with dating/finding wives and some sort of raiding/thefts in centuries past.

BBC Masked Switzerland Monster Of Mountains


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