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Why The Multivese Must Exist
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I'm not Catholic, or Christian, but my formative years I was brought up to be Catholic and attended Salvation Army Bible School Studies (Protestant).

Anyway, this just amuses me... the other Patron Saint besides St. Patrick who holds sway today.

St Gertrude

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Mushrooms for aiding Mild Cognitive Impairment?


Mar. 14th, 2019 08:13 pm
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News Story Smartphone Stops Arrow
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Pi Day


Mar. 13th, 2019 08:19 am
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(Relearning How to Imbed Media on Dreamwidth)
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English Internet Slang That Germans Don't Get
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Life Hacker Article on Firefox Send

Had above recommended on pluspora, thought I should pass info along and also save the link here for my own future reference.
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Maze Generator


Mar. 9th, 2019 07:15 pm
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Cute Cat Massage
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I was just skimming back thru my posts this year. Jan I had a number of days I posted nothing; Feb I managed at least 1 post and as much as 3 on each day (more of the 1 entry days though). March is following the pattern of Feb.

Which is fine. I don't want to neglect posting or reading and replying to folks here, but I don't want to become the firehose I've had to be over on Pluspora.

Part of the problem on the Plus is I have to carefully categorize posts as folks in many cases read by hashtag category rather than individuals in many cases. And if you aren't posting a bunch of times daily you get washed away by the fire hose of the general stream and become irrelevant. So you post a lot, in different hashtags and need to delegate folks you follow to aspects to keep up effective on subject and to avoid the trolls and nazis on certain other pods in the network.

And well, over there I'm doing community outreach/organizing on a software package with no communities so I have to use aspects to fake them. (Aspects are like G+ Circles).

I'm doing a little extra posting here... but hopefully not so much I am overwhelming all of you. If I do get to the point of posting too much let me know.
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Sloppy Joe Is NOT what You Think It Is. It is NOT a "Manwich".

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Republicans In Idaho Vote to KEEP Child Marriage Legal

This is one of the MANY MANY THINGS that is WRONG About Republicans that make them unfit to run the government ANYWHERE.
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[Ancient Swiss Tradition Of Masks]

This has every earmark of a left over tradition from pre-Christian days in Switzerland. Especially with the modern timing that now goes from Candlemas to Fat Tuesday, and the connection with (until the current era) with dating/finding wives and some sort of raiding/thefts in centuries past.

BBC Masked Switzerland Monster Of Mountains
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I watch a lot of Youtube videos, as I find them entertaining viewing with breakfast and sometimes lunch and allow me to expand my horizons, learn new stuff, and just find the funny.

If you're looking for something different take a look at the playlists (constantly expanding) I have set up on my youtube channel:

Joseph Teller Play Lists

There's a few music ones in among the more interesting subjects (Like History, Tabletop Gaming, Film & TV, Writing, Science, etc.)
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French language Guardians finally accept Feminine job Titles into official Language:

BBC News Coverage Of Changes

In its report it said "the academy considers that all developments aiming at recognising in language the place of women in today's society can be foreseen, as long as they do not contravene the elementary and fundamental rules of language".
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Interesting Problem... apparently Dreamwidth will only let me log on from my old machine, not my new one, as it will only let one of my machines be "remembered?"

I tried on the new one, then tried to get a password reset and ran into the problem that the Captcha system did not show me anything (no graphic) which was necessary to do a password change request.

I sent an email to them.... we'll see what happens.


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