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2019-02-13 04:38 pm

ARTICLE 13 & 11 Endanger The Internet

The EU have finalized the disaster that is Articles 11& 13

Please re-share the link widely and take action. This has the potential to endanger the #internet as we know it, making it more and more composed of only large platforms and censoring access to news, information, art, and content of any kind.

"Reproducing more than “single words or very short extracts” of news stories will require a licence. That will likely cover many of the snippets commonly shown alongside links today in order to give you an idea of what they lead to. We will have to wait and see how courts interpret what “very short” means in practice – until then, hyperlinking (with snippets) will be mired in legal uncertainty.

No exceptions are made even for services run by individuals, small companies or non-profits, which probably includes any monetised blogs or websites.

If you are in Europe you still have a chance to stop this. We outside Europe can only provide help by sharing the information and encouraging people to go read and act based on the link above.
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2019-02-06 03:32 pm
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If You Ship Things Internationally Be Aware

New USPS regulations require international parcels sent to the US have the customs documentation submitted electronically. So if you want to send anything to anyone in the US, be prepared for more hassle and time spent at the post office).
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2019-02-02 09:41 pm
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2019-01-30 08:09 am
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2019-01-29 07:57 am
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2019-01-26 09:09 am

The Greco-Turkish War and Legalisation of Ethnic Cleansing

Here's what we watched today with breakfast.

This episode of the 'Between The Wars' history series by the [Time Ghost] Crew is extremely well done in regards to available facts and information about what followed WW1 in regards to the Ottomans, Turkey, Greece etc. It is longer than many of their works because it is very well done, include a fair amount of maps and photos from the period and a large explanation of the politics involved.

It's conclusions on how these events affect World Politics and how nations, ethnic groups, and policies in regards to borders and immigration and ethnic cleansing are important.

Warning : it does talk about, in a general way, about the horrors of these events and there are some disturbing photos from investigations into the actions on all sides in the conflicts involved.

[The Ottoman Empire Did Not End Quietly or without repercussions to today.]
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2019-01-19 09:35 am
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Questionable DNA Analysis

"One set of identical twins, two different ancestry profiles."

At least that's the suggestion from one of the world's largest ancestry DNA testing companies.

Last spring, Marketplace host Charlsie Agro and her twin sister, Carly, bought home kits from AncestryDNA, MyHeritage, 23andMe, FamilyTreeDNA and Living DNA, and mailed samples of their DNA to each company for analysis."

Rather Questionable DNA Analysis from public ancestory companies.

This makes one wonder if these companies are worth squat, and of course if all the dna tests done regarding Elizabeth Warren was as flawed. Maybe Trump needs to take a DNA test?
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2019-01-15 12:31 pm

MP3 Software Needed

So, I have (like many people) a HUGE collection of MP3 recordings, about made from my CD collection and the other half being Old Time Radio Shows, Lectures and Podcasts.

I was previously using two programs to access them on my machine, Itunes and Music Bee. I extensively used the playlist functions to help delineate music from non-music files.

An update by Itunes apparent TRASHED my playlists on both programs a few months ago. The shows and recordings are still there on my hard drive and cataloged, but the playlists are GONE.

I want to rebuild my playlists, but I want a program that runs easily under Windows 10 that will not leave me at the whim of a software update deleting my work later.

Anyone have some Good Suggestions?
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2019-01-15 08:24 am

Watched: "Eric Idle's What About Dick"


This 2012 film was my afternoon entertainment while working on other things yesterday, via Net Flix

It's A film, about a play, done as a Radio Play, with an all star cast of UK comedy actors. It says it represents and presents the fall of the British Empire (1898 onward) from the viewpoint of Eric Idle's character, a Piano.

Yes, A Piano is the narrator voice he choice. The Piano is both narrator and essential to the plot, but only communicates with the audience directly.

It is a tale done in radio style, many of the actors play more than one part (but without costume changes) so you must pay attention to voice, accent, and sometimes the cheat of body language to tell who is speaking. Which itself is great....

And it's done with a large audience that the play is performing in front of (a real audience not extras). So yes, its a Movie of A Play About A Radio Drama. Filled with things that you could never do (even on the BBC) in regards to language, innuendo, Entendres (Double, Singular and I think once Triple) of sexual or political natures.

Although set in period (well several since it spans thru the world wars) it includes some sly modern references (and politics) and also for certain catch phrases from other things they are famous for as a fan service of sorts.

Overall an amusing piece to listen to, though it does have its "naughty bits" in the dialogue the rudeness is all in your mind not in visuals. If you don't mind a little bit of swearing and some surrealness to your humor its worth a watch/listen (I only watched half the rest I listened to, since I'm a big radio drama fan this did not impact the quality of the film once I had the actors and who was playing which clearly in my minds eye).

Cast Included : Eric Idle, Russell Brand, Tim Curry, Billy Connolly, Eddie Izzard, Jim Piddock, Tracey Ullman, Jane Leeves, Sophie Winkleman.

This was filmed before Tim Curry's stroke that left him in a wheelchair in 2012.
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2019-01-13 05:36 pm

Interesting History In Wales

Welsh farmstead is a medieval hall house, experts confirm.

"Llwyn Celyn, which lies in the Black Mountains on the border of England and Wales, was completed in 1420, an analysis of its timbers found, making it one of only a tiny number of domestic buildings to survive from one of the most destructive periods in Welsh history, immediately following the failed revolt of the Welsh prince Owain Glyndŵr."
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2019-01-13 05:19 pm

Amusing Little Piece On English Words

Another unexpected find while following my whims of research....

BBC "Reel" Video: 12 Obscure Words With Delightful Meanings
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2019-01-13 04:11 pm


An Interesting site that specializes as an online Encyclopedia for Writing Systems and Languages that can be useful to folks interested in both real world languages and info that can be applied to constructed languages in world design for fiction/gaming. : Online Encyclopedia

A finding from my wandering the internet on a train of thought while trying to avoid the harsh realities of politics and rude people.
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2019-01-11 09:14 am

Gaming Blog Link Of Interest

The True Story of the Cthulhu and Elric Sections Removed from Deities & Demigods

I haven't played any edition or flavor of D&D in something like 27 years, but I do sometimes read up on the history of the game and what has come since I walked away from it.

The story about what happened to the original AD&D Deities & Demigods was well known in many gaming circles, even to the point where it made the first edition books a collector's item because of what they included that was removed.

Here's a piece about what really happened instead of the story that we were all told back in the day....

[The True Story About Deities & Demigods]
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2019-01-10 02:55 am

CIty Council Meeting Helps Expose City Failure

(Article Link)

Catastrophic Dec 23rd West Cambridge Flood Victims Get No Assistance From City Hall"

Street Flooding From Water Main Failure

The city is dodging legal and financial responsibility for the result of the negligence of the public works department, the city managers and the city council to deal with our aging infrastructure again.

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2019-01-09 09:14 am

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### Self-driving Tesla Attacks autonomous promo robot

They have begun to fight each other for domination... like the cybermen vs the daleks all over again.

[Robot Wars Begins - see video]
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2019-01-09 07:23 am

(no subject)

History Guy Short: SS Warrimoo and a New Century.

Not A Three Hour Tour....

Youtube : SS Warrimoo's Time Travel Trip
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2019-01-09 06:22 am
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My Youtube Aspects

So my Youtube video aspects have been set up. These are all videos I thought interesting and separated into categories.
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2019-01-08 04:42 am

Sea Monster Skull revealed in 3-D

Incredible 'sea monster' skull revealed in 3D
By Helen Briggs
BBC News
7 January 2019

Sea Monster Skull Xrayed

Note: This acts as a test of cross posting articles from other sites. Let me know if it presents any problems with its format or display.
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2019-01-07 08:29 pm

Aspects Of Youtube

So, I'm working to cross-connect/reference my various communication points with folks on the internet and social/content sites.

On and on G+ plus I have often posted links to video/audio content on Youtube for discussions. To give folks the ability to look back at things I previously linked to on pluspora there is no built in method.

So I spent many hours today on my Youtube account setting up specific playlists of material by category that folks might be interested in that I have watched and shared over the past 6 months or so.

I wanted to also offer the link to these 'Aspects' based playlists here for anyone that might be interested in any of them. These will be hopefully maintained going forward as well when I post new links.

Click Here for The playlists

The Aspect Categories Are: Art, Biography, Fiction, Food, Gaming (Computer), Gaming (Tabletop), History, Humor, Pagan (includes mythology), Science, Technology (includes computing), Writing, Zibaldone (language, words, culture & philosophy)