[domesticity] Moving Along

Feb. 16th, 2019 12:37 am
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I finally decided what I'm doing with rugs, at least in the main room, and ordered them, and also rug pags. I'm ordering from Overstock.com, which feels like something of a gamble, but a good gamble. I'm not sure I made the right choice, but I feel good that I made a choice, and can now move onto the next things on my list.

It abruptly dawned on me in the middle of checking out – at the point where it proposed to ship the rugs to my old address, not yet knowing about my new address – that, omg, my credit card company was going to see all these largish purchases on my card being shipped to an address that, as far as they know, isn't mine.

So I called my credit card company at five to midnight to explain that I was moving and to please not screw up my rug order, and, while I have you here, here's my new mailing address.

[domesticity] Got the Keys

Feb. 15th, 2019 08:55 pm
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I went by my new place today and got the keys.

I brought a roll of toilet paper, because priorities, but there was one already there.

I hung out and did more measuring. The doors have a 3/4th inch clearance so a rug should be fine. There's no jambs for the closet doors, so there's no obvious way to sneak coax in front of them.

The broken blind was replaced. The heat is still wonky; according to the thermostat it was 74degF in there, despite the thermostat being set to 65. Will nudge the super on it. This may not actually be a thermostat malfunction (though the radiator in the bathroon is Doing It's Part For Global Warming(tm)) as much as it's a function of being on about the third floor (depending on whether or not you count the basement, which is where the laundry room is) and heat rising.

I've filed my change of address with USPS.
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Alright, I'm a silly girl and watches too many mobster movies.

Meet Violetta. Scorpio, and family sim. Likes well dressed, well groomed men and hates stinky people.

Having fun getting high on gas fumes there Lunch lady???

This is for Sammy-bo-bammy [personal profile] sammyfrog  who likes face 18.

Meet Reuben Leives.... Violetta's significant other. *ahem*

Since I suck majorly at weddings... a trash bin wedding... DON'T THINK I DON'T SEE YOU THERE BIN!

More later... nooboos too. :D

To my LJ readers, I post to my DW so... I rarely get comments from LJ so.. I have to check manually which sucks but...
My DW is http://shneyele.dreamwidth.org ok?

Love yas!

Good mornthing!

Feb. 15th, 2019 09:54 am
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I'm having some leftover feels from Valentines/Galentines day, mostly surrounding the fact that I moved away from where I built my meatspace friends network almost a decade ago, and their lives have moved on, and I have not built much of a new network in the here. Not that I wish to replace those relationships, but I need somebodies who are close to me to spend time with, to support and be supported by, to have a life that is something other than just me and a selection of little glowing screens.

The obvious answer is to poke the fine folks who ARE local to me and do the making of concrete plans. I did it in December AND January, and I need to keep it up despite the fact that my most recent attempt fell through.

Today is Boomerang Celebration; SALM was in NJ with his mom for a few days and only just came back last night. Yesterday was my long day at work. None of this was conducive to schmancy togetherness. Instead we did basic togetherness: we went for an Ingress Drive, picked up chinese food to feed the family, and watched an episode of Z Nation before we each had to go do some Intensive Parenting for two different Spawn.

Today, though! Today he is off work due to dental stuff, and it's my regular day off. He is already in Boston, and I am shortly going to go hop on a train to join him. We're meeting up for hot pot, and then possibly some shenanigans - perhaps going to the Common for a walk. Perhaps not. Whatever we do, it'll be nice because it's some time together. That, I've been realizing, is why yesterday didn't really have much importance/impact. No flowers, no chocolates - no big deal, because we spend time taking care of each other and fostering our individual and shared contentment on the regular. No big gestures required, to know that we are loved.

::sudden topic switch::

I still haven't ordered a fountain/calligraphy pen. I should do that soon. I've gotten two InCoWriMo letters, and I'm going to work on my replies to them on the train.

I'm wearing a perfume called Kathmandu today. I'm trying to work my way through a bunch of the sample vials I've had for a while and haven't touched. The site says is is made of: Saffron, blessed sandalwood, Himalayan cedar and the miraculous lotus of the Buddha with chiuri bark and Nepalese spices. That explains why I am liking it so much; woody and spicy scents tend to sit well with the chemistry of my skin.

Time to get ready to catch my train. I hope you're doing well. Sorry I vanished for a while. Sometimes I go Big Turtle.



Feb. 15th, 2019 08:51 am
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 Things like this are enough to really bring one down. She was reported missing and then, the unthinkable happened. Two words. Custody battles. It disgusts me to the core. It's a skating rink outside so... no bowling.

I have the Sims though.. and I am going to see about putting my screenies up. Caroly's cell is driving me bonkers. It has this air raid alarm on it... and it is just... nerve grinding.. goes off every 15 minutes.



Feb. 15th, 2019 06:54 am
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So, I thought that I'd start off the day with the Beatles.. seems like a good idea right? I remember on Threes Company the Ropers had the Revolver mural thing on their bedroom wall... I know that 3C is not really a show for children which I was in the mid to late 70's when that show was on... but it was something funny to watch.. even though I didn't get the sexual innuendo... I was told that I loved the Sonny & Cher Show, and the Brady Bunch too... I was a weird kid. I'd watch those shows and my own childrens tv, but not Dr. Who. At least not the 70's one.. the theme really freaked me out.... haha!!

I think I will go bowling today... Rich will be there but, I can't be jumping at shadows... y'know? IDK.. he's an arse and I could care less. Bees and I FB'd each other last night. It was fun. :D Anyways..

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Imagine being one of the last hundred speakers of your language in all the world, and, having been asked by one of your elders to learn the songs of your people, deciding to try to save them by making an album of them so beautiful that all the world would hear it, and come to treasure them.

Via Metafilter: Jeremy Dutcher's album "Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa" [Youtube playlist]. A shockingly beautiful and heartbreakingly heroic work of cultural preservation and propagation. From Metafilter:
Jeremy Dutcher is a First Nations classically trained tenor, musician, and composer whose debut album Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa, sung entirely in the "severely endangered" language of Wolastoqey, won the 2018 Polaris Prize, which is awarded annually to the best full-length Canadian music album. [...] Dutcher is a Wolastoqiyik (Maliseet) member of the Tobique First Nation, and his album is based on traditional Wolastoqiyik songs, often sampling century-old wax cylinder recordings of his ancestors' singing, to devastatingly beautiful effect.
Glorious, glorious. Highly recommended.

[domesticity, music] Oh, hey!

Feb. 15th, 2019 12:53 am
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So I'm packing (and washing, but not in that order) my CDs (or rather their jewel cases) and discovered a whole little cache of CDs I had little to recollection of, which aren't ripped to my computer. And then I remembered that my laptop's CD/DVD drive was out of order for a while, and I wound up with a backlog of media that I had either purchased or been gifted that I had no way to play. By the time I got the device straightened out, I had forgotten I had them.

It's like Christmas!

I'm not ripping them all now, but maybe I can take some time on unpacking to get it done.

Tangentially related: I have been saving almost every box from every delivery for about a year, in anticipation of moving. Turns out the box that my nifty new boots were shipped in is almost exactly the size of my remaining CD collection. (Of course, now that they're all packed, I'm now going to find another little cache of CDs somewhere in my apartment. Let me enjoy my illusions for the moment.)

New lappy...

Feb. 14th, 2019 08:14 pm
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My old one went kaput... so I bought a good Dell Inspiron. That's why the radio silence. I haven't been up to much... I got my hair freshened and bobbed. I look like Dana Scully. Look!

Image result for dana scully  

See? We both are intelligent redheads. :)



[domesticity] Unbelieveable

Feb. 14th, 2019 02:30 pm
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And yet entirely believeable.

I woke to a voicemail from my (old) landlord asking when he can have the keys back to start cleaning the place out.

What part of "THIRTY DAYS NOTICE" does he not understand? I texted him back that I'm here to the 28th, and will be happy to give him the keys then.


[law] Upcoming SCOTUS case?

Feb. 14th, 2019 12:02 am
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Ugh, sorry, this is the vaguest possible question, but maybe somebody here is a SCOTUS-fan and just knows.

I had a very brief conversation with a lawyer the other day when he dropped the jem that the SCOTUS is hearing a case this term that could be hugely important for my particular flavor of therapist. The case itself does not however involve therapists. Presumably, given the context of the conversation, it concerns the interstate commerce clause of the Constitution and possibly the authority of state licensure boards. Maybe.

He then scampered off before I could ask for further deets.

Does anybody happen to know a case like that coming up before the Supremes? Or that has been recently heard? I'd like to know the name of the case so I can read more.

ETA: Nevermind, I think I figured it out for myself. Apparently the only case this term involving the Commerce Clause is Tennessee Wine & Spirits Retailers Association v. Byrd. Wow, that is not obviously applicable, but I can see how, depending on just which way the SCOTUS jumps, this might turn out to be pertinent. At stake is just what constitutes dormant Commerce Clause violating discrimination against extra-state business. In this case, at issue is a residency requirement for a liquor vendors license.

I doubt the Supremes are going to get all frisky with this and decide anything more extreme than "no residency requirements for licensure" (and even that doesn't look hugely plausibe to me), but you never know.

ETA2: OTOH, I am reading the oral arguments [PDF] and the dude tasked with arguing for the residency requirement is doing what seems to me to be a singularly terrible job of it - at this point in the proceedings, it's beginning to sound like Sotomayor and Alito are going to tear him in two and each devour their respective halves of his corpse. Unfortunately for us, Alito has headed right for the role of protecting public health and safety as a legitimate exemption from dormant Commerce Clause scrutiny, questioning how a residency requirement qualifies as protecting publice health and safety. There is, as always, a non-zero possibility that whatever they decide, they will do it on a premise that makes things worse for us, like "protecting public health and safety is a Get Out Of Commerce Clause Scrutiny card for states" which turns into "you can have whatever protectionistic garbage in your laws you want so long as you do it to healthcare providers, because that's definitionally always about public health and safety."

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Feb. 13th, 2019 09:07 pm
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So my vehicle went into the shop this morning to get repaired from the rearend collision I had last December.
I decided to rent a vehicle, especially with the weatehr we have been having, instead of relying on my dad's old car.
So I booked a "standard suv", that according to the website was like a Ford Edge or similar.
What kind of vehicle did I get?
They gave me a GMC Yukon with the Denali package.
This thing is HUGE and has all the bells and whistles on it.
It's a total shame I only have it for two days and using it to go back and forth to work.
Of course when I was leaving the airport with this thing, I got down on the highway and the first thing to happen was the pickup in front of me started to fish tail on the ice on the highway. :o I slowed way down to a crawl. :o Me paranoid? LOL...............

[domesticity] For the record

Feb. 13th, 2019 03:50 am
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Apparently this building is determined to give me a tour of all the awful things about it before I leave.

Four and a half years ago, a tree fell against the building. The landlord had the roof repaired, except the tree had dented the gutter, and he didn't bother to fix that, so now, when there's adequate rain, the gutter overflows at the dent. The gutter is on an extremely long eave, so it can collect quite a bit of water. The dent is right over my wall-mounted air conditioner - or rather its steel enclosure. So when the gutter overflows, it pours down onto what is basically a sheet of steel, mounted over a hole in my wall.

This is loud.

It is also right next to my bed. The end at which my pillow goes.

After this started happening, after much sleep deprivation and suffering, I gradually developed some ways to mitigate the din.

Also, two and a half years ago, after the great evacuation, I took the occasion of moving back in to move my bed across the apartment, away from the AC. That was very helpful with the rain-gutter-overflow noise problem.

Alas, after the problem with the severe vibrations began last summer, I moved my bed back, in the hopes that the bed being near a load bearing wall might reduce the misery.

It's been quite a while since we had rain heavy enough to overflow the gutter, but tonight was such a night.

For kicks and giggles, I removed all noise mitigation, and put my cell phone on my pillow, and had it record what it sounds like from where my head is when I sleep.

This is that recording.

(That's not particularly heavy rain, either, or a particularly heavy overflow. It got worse later, and I bundled everything back up because it was driving me nuts.)

The sound meter app on my phone told me it was around the upper 40dB, occasionally going over 50dB.

My earplugs are good for -33dB, which is good, but not at all sufficient for something that percussive, especially if it really gets going. The commerical foam-lined AC cover turns out to be surprisingly useless for noise abatement. Not entirely, it does take the edge off some of the higher frequencies – but that's it.

The crucial solution was gizmo I made that I call my rain pillow. It's a foam structure I throw (by leaning out the window) on top of the AC, where it holds on with magnets, and absorbs the impact of the water streaming from the dent. It knocks a good (estimated) 20 to 30dB right off. The problem is that high winds can catch the rain pillow and blow it off. And then you're stalking the neighborhood in your nightgown and a rain coat with a flashlight looking for the errant rain pillow - which when not fixed in one place with magnets can blow anywhere, because I made it very light so if it fell off the AC it wouldn't kill someone – so you can go back to bed.

So that in combination with the earplugs worked - well, for the noise. The AC cover (when not AC-using season) and moving the bed away (when the bed was moved away) were also nice additions.

Technically, hanging anything outside my windows is in violation of my lease/rental terms. The landlord didn't care, so long as I stopped complaining about him not fixing the gutter.

Which I did. The fact that the rainwater overflowing the gutter is also rotting out the underside of the eave by the dent doesn't seem to bother him, and I gave up mentioning it.
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Because I am a big ol' dork technophile, I am working on a project for my professional organization (US-based) regarding therapist use of technology, and just what the ethics that pertain thereto should be.

So I wanted to solicit your opinions.

About therapist use of text messages, i.e. SMS and MMS. Read on, if interested.


Do you think therapists should use text messages with their clients? Like at all?

There are therapists who don't and think therapists shouldn't. I am a therapist who does use text messaging; think text messaging, while it has risks and challenges, is invaluable to coordinating with clients. If a client is running late, if they need to get a hold of me at a time I am seeing other clients or on the road, I vastly prefer an SMS to a call. I can check texts much faster than listen to voice mail; I can't freely respond vocally to calls coming in from clients when I'm in public, say on the bus ride in.

Also, I have used text to send URLs to clients, including in session. Particularly clients who don't have email, but have smart phones. If they ask me for a referral to, say, a psychiatrist or a couples counselor, I can send them a link to the professional's website.

One of the problems with this is that most text messaging is insecure. There are things like Signal, but it requires the client to also have a smart phone and also be able/willing to install Signal on it, and use it correctly. No use for people on feature phones.

More fundamentally, Signal is not secure against a kind of idiocy I've already encountered twice in the wild with my own patients: patients lending their phones to third parties, and giving the third parties the passwords.

I've had the experience of texting an appointment reminder to a client's phone, getting back a confirmation, and then, when the client doesn't show up and I call them, finding out that at the time I texted the client, the phone had been in the custody of the client's adolescent daughter. Thank goodness I didn't say anything more substantive.

Unlike the situation where a patient of mine who was being physically abused texted me about what was going on, and I exhorted them to get to safety, and their abuser snatched the phone out of their hands and saw who they were texting with and what I had said. Yeah, that also happened.

The failure modes, where confidentiality is concerned, of text messaging can be pretty epic.


One of the issues is that a lot of thought about therapists and text messaging revolves around the idea, "Well, it's okay, so long as nobody says anything substantive and personal in text message, since it's generaly unencrypted. But discussing what time to book an appointment is fine."

As I point out above, encryption only goes so far, anyways. But there's two other problems.

First there's the assumption that if patients aren't discussing Super Private Therapy Contents Disclosures in text – if they're just saying they're running late – that that isn't highly confidential information.

The fact that someone is a therapist's patient is highly confidential information (even though it is widely, especially by healthcare IT, not treated as such!) If someone is stalking a patient, their knowing who the patient's therapist is allows them to identify a location where the patient is likely to go; if someone knows when their regular appointments are, e.g. "Tuesday at 4pm", they know a time to be there to accost, harass, or assault the client. That combination can get somebody killed.

Furthermore, the only way a client can prevent their therapist from being subpoenaed, in any of the (entire too many) circumstances in which it is legal to subpoena a therapist to force the therapist to testify to the detriment of their client (e.g. discrediting the client as a witness), is to prevent third parties who might want to do that from finding out who their therapist is.

Past text messages from one's therapist thereby present an attack surface – admittedly a modest one – whereby that information could be acquired by antagonists. We can imagine a scenario in which one spouse who intends to divorce the other and engage in a custody battle for their children (in MA we can be subpoenaed in custody disputes) gets a look at the other spouse's cell phone and learns the identity of their spouses therapist – and handing that info to their laywer.

That's one problem. Another problem is how on earth is a therapist to keep patients from divulging Super Confidential Therapy Disclosure Material in text message?

I mean, sure, you can ask nicely. But let's be clear: on one of my very first days on the job at the clinic that hired me fresh out of grad school, a patient who had previously met with me once, announced to the entire damned waiting room when I came to fetch her for her appointment, "OH THANK GOODNESS, SIDEREA, I'VE BEEN FEELING LIKE KILLING MYSELF ALL DAY." Patients, man, they will do – and say – the damnest things under the damnedest circumstances. Including in text message. And we have no way to stop them.

And I'm not even convinced that we should try.

I once had a patient text me that she was actively suicidal and very agitated. The patient was phone phobic - that's why she used text message all but exclusively. She was, unsurprisingly, unwilling to take a voice call. She was an hour away by car, not at her home, by the side of some random road where she had pulled over to cry; I had no idea where to send emergency responders to find her. I spent an hour texting with her, de-escalating her and engaging her in safety planning. It's generally widely understood among therapists that doing therapy in text message is terrible because of the lack of encryption and security. My alternative was... what? Telling her to call 911 and refusing to respond to further text messages? Telling her that if she didn't speak to me by voice, I wouldn't talk to her? Sounds like dicing with her life, to me.

There are those – one of my bosses leaps to mind – who would tell me that I should never have given a patient a text-capable number at all, for exactly this reason. That if the patient had never been given a way to text me, I would never have been in that situation. Indeed, that is true. And what situation would the patient have been in? She would still have been crying at the side of the road, planning on killing herself, only without a way to reach out to someone she trusts.

I actually like what happened better than that scenario. I would actually much prefer my patients reach out to me if they feel they're a danger to themselves. I prefer to be given the opportunity to try to keep them alive.

So I'm pretty philosophical about the supposed distinction between using text messaging just for coordinating treatment and using text messaging for Important Personal Confidential Therapy Disclosures. I figure that the moment you (a therapist) give your client a phone number, you have forfeited the only control you had over how that client uses it, which was to forbid them using it all together by keeping it secret from them. The day you give your cell number to a client is the day you sign up to be texted, later on down the road, "Hey, feeling suicidal here".

And, further, I think taking the line, "Oh, well, you can't help what the patients do, but therapists are responsible for telling patients not to transmit personal disclosures in an unencrypted medium", is at odds with patient safety as in the above situation.

So it seems to me that it really boils down to something quite binary: either a therapist is using texting with a client or they aren't. Differentiating how they're using it (how they think they're using it) with that client doesn't really doesn't pragmatically matter.


Right now, there are in various states (jurisdictions) and in some therapists' ethical codes (per their professional organizations official Codes of Ethics) rules that if a therapist texts with a patient they have to somehow print out those text messages and put them in the patient's chart (clinical file). Or if the chart is digital, cut and paste them in somehow.

And this is true even if it's just, "Hey, running 5 min late, traffic."

As far as I know, none of you who are not therapists know that therapists do this.

In fairness, approximately 100% of the therapists I personally know, including myself, to whom such rules apply and who use text messaging with patients, fail to do this. In fact, I bet a bunch of you who are therapists don't know about this, either, much less do it.

Some ethical codes and some law/regulations say we (or some of us) are required to do this. But completely aside from what is ethically or legally required of therapists, it is in the best interests of therapists to do this.

This is called "risk prevention" and what it means is prevention (or rather mitigation) of legal risks to the therapist. Should the therapist ever be hauled up on the stand in court – or before their licensure board – the last thing the therapist wants is for a patient or other plaintiff to have a complete record of every SMS conversation with the therapist and the therapist not to.

You can imagine a situation in which a therapist is being accused by a patient's survivors of failing to provide appropriate care to a suicidal patient who subsequently killed themselves, in which the therapist's responses to the patient's texted requests for appointments were entered as evidence in the suit. That's not something the therapist and their legal team want to be surprised by in open court. Worse, if the therapist didn't retain their own original copies for legal reference, well, if the plaintiffs altered or faked any of that proposed evidence to make the therapist look negligent, how would the therapist catch them?

It's in the best interests of therapists to do this – but that's not at all the same as in the best interests of the patients.

We have other rules and other parts of our ethical codes, which minimize the records we keep. For instance, the code of my org specifies that if recordings are made of a therapy session, they are destroyed promptly after their intended use – because hanging on to those things just increases the risk that they'll be subpoenaed or stolen, or otherwise the confidentiality of the recorded sessions is breeched.

Of course, such a recording could be exonerating of a therapist facing a civil suit or a challenge to their license - the logic under which keeping text messages in the client chart is a good idea for the therapist. But we don't allow it in the case of recordings of sessions. Contrariwise, we not only allow it, we mandate it, in the case of SMS.

There is a conflict of principles here. We (as a profession) recognize that unnecessary keeping recordings of therapy sessions is an unacceptable risk to our clients, so forbids it; however we require the keeping of what amount to be transcripts of text message conversations, whole, in the record, which could be a similar risk to the client.

(Now, there's an obvious distinction here which I think doesn't actually matter: the example of recordings of sessions is different from text messages because (presumably) the recordings are of the therapy and presumably contain highly confidential personal disclosures of precisely the sort therapist-patient legal privilege is supposed to protect, while text messages (presumably) only contain at most logistical, coordinative information about the therapy and does not (presumably) have highly confidential disclosures in it. I already addressed that above, in part ii. We could say that therapists are only required to keep the verbatim text record of conversations when it doesn't contain personal disclosures – that therapists are required to store only the texts that ostensibly aren't clinically significant, but then why are we doing this?)

I am somewhat skeeved out by the realization that therapists are (if any are actually in compliance here) storing what amount transcripts of conversations with clients – those via text message – without clients knowing or being informed that those communications are being stored. I don't know that it's occurred to any therapists that this is something that requires Informed Consent, I don't know that any therapists are doing Informed Consent about the storage of text message conversations, I don't know that any therapists are asking patients to sign that they consent to it; I don't think the public at large know that this is a thing, so we can't assume that members of the public would just reasonably surmise this is a thing that happens in the ordinary course of therapy (like we do assume about note-taking).

Do you think therapists should be required to keep all text messages with a client in the client's chart? Or forbidden to? Or only some? Or... what? What do you think the rules and the norms around this should be?

(And why?)

ETA: Ah, I knew I was forgetting something! Two somethings:


One of the wrinkles here is that it's not necessarily possible to get the text messages off a phone. I have a Motorola Razr V3xx from the depths of time, and damned if I can figure out how to get text messages off it. I can get my photos and other files off by syncing, but apparently not my text messages. Even if I could, it only really stores incoming messages (to me) not outgoing messages (from me); it has a very small buffer for the latter, and autodeletes them rapidly.

If therapists have some ethical responsibility to preserve text messages to patient charts, does that mean therapists can only engage in text message conversation from phones (or other text systems) which support downloading the whole conversation? Do therapists have an ehtical responsibility to only have certain cell phones? Or to use a text message service which facilitates this sort of archiving?

Which brings us to...


Nobody has a HIPAA BAA with their cell phone company. But the cell phone company/ies involved – yours (you being a therapist), the client's – may have some record of the text messages sent between you. I'm unclear on how long ATT (my cell company) keeps the full contents of text messages around, but they keep the metadata on calls – and maybe text messages? – for months. I know this because I got my call records from ATT on an occasion to help me sort of the timeline of some patient calls and calls with related collaterals.

Similarly, nobody has a HIPAA BAA with Twilio or Google Voice or any other technological system they might be running text messages over. These systems may also keep records of text messages – I seem to recall Twilio keeps whole text messages approximately forever, or at least as long as you keep your account paid up? The implication would be that if you're using a text message system built on top of Twilio, whoever runs that system can log into their Twilio account and read back through ever text message ever sent across their system. (I'll try to check on this.)

(I've thought of developing a text message system for clinics, built on Twilio, so they could have patients contact the clinic via text message, for all the reasons text message accessibility is good for patients.)

If these records exist, well, they can be subpoenaed.

If somebody tries to subpoena a therapist, the first thing the therapist is supposed to do is call their malpractice insurance company and ask to speak to a lawyer, because there are ways to fight this, and we are supposed to try to fight against being coerced into breaking patient confidentiality.

ATT is just going to roll over and divulge the records. There is no phone company that won't. Google and Twilio have no interest in protecting therapist-patient privilege, and they're not going to suddenly stand up for that principle by counterproposing an in camerata review. They're just going to sing on command.

Also, if the records exist, they could be compromised illegally, too. Spearfishing, key loggers, inside jobs, even social engineering to commandeer either the patient's or the therapist's telephone account. (I wonder if text-message repositories of relevant companies have been targetted for inside-job thefts the way credit card numbers and email addresses and passwords and SSNs have been, and whether such compilations of text messages are sold on the black market.)

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Feb. 12th, 2019 04:59 pm
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Blog: Declutter Monday for 11 Feb 2019. Wherein I suddenly find myself in Declutter Interruptus as Decluttering the House, Round One comes to an unexpected end.

So... what's new and kewl?

Feb. 12th, 2019 06:21 pm
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Remember that? 'Kewl'? lol Also, 'sup? Ahh... nineties slang... :D

I'm going to get my hair cut in a bob and colored a honey blonde on Thursday.

I am going to be single this Valentine's day... which sucks but, shit happens eh? Ehhh......

Breakfast was shreddies and toast, lunch was vegetable barley soup with buttered bread and dinner was meatloaf with rice pilaf, and green beans.

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RPGs for one referee and player - presented as a Valentine's day special, partly a repeat of an offer from 2017


This offer launched Tuesday, February 12, and runs through 10PM Eastern US time (GMT -4) Monday, February 25. This promotional page expires at that time.

"This Bundle for Two 2 is our second Valentine collection of tabletop roleplaying games designed for just two players. Whereas the original February 2017 Bundle for Two included intimate duets ideal for a loving Valentine's Day experience with your significant other, these games feature serial killers, hack-and-slash dungeons, and Cthulhu. But hey, these could work for some relationships; there must be at least fifty shades of romantic roleplaying. And even if you have other Valentine plans, these games still work fine when you can't find an entire game group, or you want a game that works well with online virtual tabletops, or you're just looking for an intense head-to-head gaming experience.

We provide each ebook complete in .PDF (Portable Document Format). Like all Bundle of Holding titles, these books have NO DRM (Digital Restrictions Management), and our customers are entitled to move them freely among all their ereaders.

Ten percent of each purchase (after gateway fees) goes to this offer's designated charity, Human Rights Watch.

The total retail value of the titles in this offer is US$87. Customers who pay just US$5.95 get all three titles in our Starter Collection (retail value $29) as DRM-free .PDF ebooks:

  • Reflections: A Game of Duelling Samurai by Jim McClure (Third Act Publishing, retail price $12): A longtime rivalry between feuding samurai culminates in a final, fatal confrontation.
  • The Quiet Year by Avery Alder (Buried Without Ceremony, retail $8): A highly original map-drawing game from the designer of Monsterhearts about the struggles of a post-apocalyptic community. [Previously in our November 2013 Indie Cornucopia.]
  • Dirty Secrets by Seth Ben-Ezra (Dark Omen Games, retail $9): An amazing story engine that effortlessly creates dark and twisting noir plots. [Previously in our June 2015 Deadly Games offer.]

Those who pay more than the threshold (average) price, which is set at $14.95 to start, also get our entire Bonus Collection with three more titles worth an additional $58:

  • Cthulhu Confidential by Robin D. Laws, Chris Spivey, and Ruth Tillman (Pelgrane Press, retail $25): Mythos horror meets hard-boiled noir in this GUMSHOE One-2-One game for a Game Moderator and a lone detective.
  • One on One Adventures Compendium (Expeditious Retreat, retail $18): Eleven Pathfinder fantasy adventures for a GM and one player.
  • The Hour Between Dog and Wolf by Matt Gwinn (Errant Knight Games, retail $15): A flawed hero and a serial killer both confront their darkest impulses.

These don't really work terribly well for me - I tend to prefer games with several players, since a lot of the fun of roleplaying comes from player interaction, daft ideas, etc. - but I can see them possibly being useful if for some reason only one player makes it to a game session. It looks to be a pretty cheap offer, and probably worth it just to mine for ideas. Recommended, though as usual I have to stress that I'm not paying for this stuff, YMMV, etc. etc.

The weather is getting bad...

Feb. 11th, 2019 05:47 pm
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I just captured this page for posterity. We are having the mother of all storms. Bees is thinking about going out to Tim's tomorrow and I told her about this. If you are on Twitter, which I ain't bc it tends to freeze my accounts when I make any... which pisses me off but, I digress, if you are on Twitter, follow the hashtag #ONstorm... that will help greatly if you want to go out in this mess. Just a PSA... that page. :D In case you are wondering how I did that, I have the Vivaldi browser and it has the ability to capture a page as jpg. Pretty neat eh?

Breakfast was toast with butter and dry multigrain cheerios, lunch was tomato and cheese pasta bake with garden salad and Caesar dressing, dinner was roasted chicken drumsticks, roasted herb potatoes and peas and carrots. I also had a bowl of sunflower seeds.



Feb. 11th, 2019 12:18 pm
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 I just had lunch -- pasta bake and garden salad. Really delish. Everyone has this song in their heads at the 'mo. I am more liking this one... It doesn't look it but there is a huge storm on the way... the whole shebang, snow, rain, ice pellets, strong winds... craziness. It's all supposed to happen tonight and tomorrow with tomorrow being the doomsday of snowmageddon. /sarcasm

How have y'all been?


Feb. 11th, 2019 09:10 am
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 Hi y'all...

I'm just setting this thing up... be patient. I was jedibutterfly but that account holds bad memories... and I'm too cheap to buy a rename token.. lol...



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