I'm bored therefore I post..

Apr. 19th, 2019 12:04 pm
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I believe this is known as shitposting... and should be done on Tumblr but I'm a rebel.. I do it here. Guess what? We are having another pizza night tonight. XD I'm watching this movie. It's a pretty weird movie. It doesn't make any sense. It's with Tom Hanks. It's full of scene chewing. I think I'll watch something else.

Now I'm watching CSI: NY. Coll & I used to watch pretty much all of the CSIs... mainly the Vegas one, but after Warrick died and Grissom left, we kind of lost touch but I still watch NY... Miami not so much and Vegas hardly ever. Sweet Jane is my favorite CSI ep. Mostly because of Keppler. I love Liev. :D

I think I will go back to Windows, much as I like Ubuntu... I just can't live with out the Sims. IDGAF about the warnings...


I have a good feeling about today...

Apr. 19th, 2019 08:54 am
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I just do. You know when you have that feeling, that today is gonna be great? Yeah. That feeling! It is raining like cats and dogs out and my roomie went out in it... I'm not doing anything special today... oh yeah! I got a Suicune in a trade!! I was beyond shocked! I had a Milotic and I traded it hoping that someone with a good heart would trade and they did!! O_O

Suicune is a legendary. I remember my first legendary -- Kyogre in the original Sapphire. I had that sucker trained to lvl 100. That was also my first lvl 100 pokes. I remember the day too.. it was in February and we had a fire drill and Balvinder fell down the fire escape. I was training my Kyogre (I was a shitty trainer back then. LOL) only and boom! Level 100.

Whats up with y'all?

I'm on my wayyyyyyyy!!!

Apr. 19th, 2019 07:27 am
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I have finally done it. Ubuntu Studio. The best OS out there. :D It has creative stuff for me, Boxes so I can play the Sims, a lot more stable. Yes!!

I was woken up by a thump outside my door at 3am... IDK what it was, but it freaked out Bola. I just rolled over and went back to sleep. She thought Erin (my computer) took a nosedive.. or the mouse at least bc the mouse always falls, bc my computer is on an end table, and she is a large computer... a 15'', so there is little room on my table for anything else lol...

Anyways, good Friday...

LGBTQA Characters On TV

Apr. 19th, 2019 04:21 am
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More than a decade ago, I came up with a prediction for the sorts of action + soap opera shows that the CW is noted for, and that I watch far too many of. That concept is called “TV Bi” – the idea is that once we get past most of the homophobia in both our culture and in producers and writers of mass media, then later versions of shows like Buffy or The Vampire Diaries will have many bi characters, because the potential for romance (and the all too common and annoying jealousy plot lines) will greatly increase, since every character could be interested in every other character. I expect this to eventually catch on in a major way.

I couldn’t find a post about this to link to, but I found this one on stages of media acceptance of subcultures, which is relevant, and based on Vito Russo’s brilliant book The Celluloid Closet.

So, I’ve seen what may be the precursor of this, on the CW now less, with the character of Michael in Roswell New Mexico. He’s a male bisexual character who is interested in two of the other major characters (one man and one woman), and it’s well done and interesting. The other characters on the show are also well done, sadly, the show is quite terrible. The writers can craft good dialog and the actors are pretty good, but the plot is beyond dreadful – it drags on, it’s dumb as a bag of hair, and if the characters weren’t good, [personal profile] teaotter and I would have stopped watching it.

In any case, acceptance of media subcultures has definitely changed since I wrote the above link in 2003. Now, almost every show I watch has at least one gay, bi, or lesbian character, and I’m watching two shows with transsexual protagonists played by trans actors (Supergirl, with Nia Nal, and Pose, which has several trans characters). It’s nice to occasionally look back and notice the progress.

I had to switch to Linux again...

Apr. 19th, 2019 01:00 am
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Because Windows was giving me these warnings that my HD was dangerously low on space. Now, I didn't have a lot of junk on there.. Windows was just being pissy ,ith me, so, I'm back to Linux. I am awake bc Bola woke me up to tell me to turn off the light, which I did. For a short while I couldn't log in... idk why though. 

I'm going to check the specs on the Sims 4 and redownload the sucker.


Listicles: Wishlist and Agenda

Apr. 19th, 2019 09:04 am
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My current wishlist:
  • being able to make numbered lists in text boxes in LibreOffice
  • being smart enough to figure out the touchscreen issues I'm having
  • watching Endgame right now instead of waiting another week
Huh. I thought I was more demanding than that.

Today's agenda:
  • Mountain bike ride with the Other Half, including stopping for an attempt at panoramic photography (maybe I should add to the wishlist that I would very much like to NOT fall off my bike whilst wearing an expensive camera in a backpack)
  • Do at least 100 stitches on the owl project
  • Remember to take before/after photos of the owl project to prove to myself that I'm actually accomplishing something
  • Refold the laundry that someone else folded wrong (sigh)
  • Post weathershields for the car on the local facebook garage sale site


Apr. 18th, 2019 12:37 pm
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 I just returned from seeing Dr. Fan and now I'm slurring my words and drooling and my tongue feels like a lump of flesh (which it is but you aren't supposed to feel that way) but the freezing will wear off hopefully. :)

I'm watching Jamie Oliver on Gusto. Love that fella. Great cook, great looking too. LMAO. 
I am going to watch The Twilight Zone tonight. At least I think it's tonight.

Do any of you play Matchington Manor? I love that game. :)


I love Edward Bear. :) This song is kind of sad though...


Work + My Cat

Apr. 18th, 2019 02:50 am
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I'm done with my revisions on the book I have out for approval, but I'll be checking it tomorrow before I send it in. Doing this, and doing my normal workload for the project I'm currently writing has been exhausting, but I'm done and checking it over won't take long, and my part of the Dragons book remains well on schedule, if not a bit ahead.

However, what I'm mostly thinking about is my cat Josie (pictured here). She's not the brightest creature - our kitchen (where all three cats get fed) has 2 doors. The other cats know that if they see one door closed to go to the other one. Josie just sits in front of the closed door - although perhaps this is due to her bossy personality rather than limited intelligence, since I then either pick her up and carry her (a process she enjoys) to the open door, or open the closed door.

However, one of her oddest behaviors is something I've never seen another cat do. When we feed them, they all typically run in, and both Flash and Button start eating. More than half the time, including tonight, Josie stops and stares at the eating cats, then she stares at her food, approaches it, again looks at the other cats eating, and then starts eating. Tonight, she was sleeping and came in late, and the other cats were done eating, and she still stared at the other food bowls and at where the other cats would be.

We regularly joke that Josie is either an alien who needs to be reminded how to pass as a cat, or that she is somehow baffled by the sight of food, despite her being the biggest eater (and largest cat) of our three. We also regularly narrate this process "What are they doing? What's that in the bowls? Are they eating? Oh, hey cat food."

Maybe it won't rain? :)

Apr. 18th, 2019 05:14 am
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 I hear the birds chirping out, and they don't do that in the rain. :) Right now it is too early to see the sky properly... but I'm sure it will be some shade of blue. Last night, I woke up with those odd cramps again but they subsided when I did my relaxation method... I also had a bit of leg cramps but I worked them out. :)

Today Paula leaves and then, Wendy comes and does her shift. See, they do shifts like this until May ends bc of Er-bear being phased out. So, it's going to be Wen, Er-bear, Paula, etc etc. It's kind of difficult but it works.. I guess. In about an hour's time I will need to do my test and insulin injection. :)

Bola is snoring in the bed over. We are a curious bunch. She snores and I talk in my sleep. Haha!!

So, today I go to the dentist. Wish me luck. :/
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From CBS News:
Dozens charged in major opioid bust across U.S.
By Brian Pascus
Updated on: April 17, 2019 / 10:36 PM / CBS News

Dozens of people, including 53 medical professionals, have been charged for their alleged participation in the illegal prescription and distribution of opioids and other narcotics, Justice Department and Department of Health and Human Services officials said Wednesday. Federal law enforcement and health officials held a press conference in Cincinnati where they announced charges resulting from the Appalachian Regional Prescription Opioid Strike Force takedown operation that began only four months ago.
[...] According to the indictment, one pharmacy in Dayton, Ohio prescribed over 1.75 million opioid pills
Wait what. Pharmacies can prescribe? Is that a thing? I thought the whole point of pharmacists existing was to separate the prescribing of drugs from the selling of drugs to eliminate the conflict of interest?
The indictment states one doctor in the Western District of Tennessee, who called himself the "Rock Doc," would exchange opioids and benzodiazepines with patients in return for sexual favors.
This is your friendly reminder that if a physician is prescribing medications to someone, the recipient of that prescription is that physician's patient, and a physician having sexual contact with a patient is, depending on jurisdiction, somewhere on the continuum from profoundly unethical to frankly felonious. Further, that someone with an addiction is someone with a mental illness that makes them desperate for relief. This is not an exchange for sexual favors, this is a medical professional sexually extorting the vulnerable mentally ill. Jesus Fucking Christ. This is like saying that a manager "exchanged promotions with subordinates for sexual favors", only worse. There is no sense in which this is a meeting of equals in which consent can obtain.

But all that said, turns out this "Rock Doc" person is not a physician. From The Tennessean:
Young, 43, a Tennessee nurse practitioner who called himself 'Rock Doc' and once piloted a reality show about his Jackson clinic, was indicted with federal drug trafficking charges this week, accused of trading drugs for sex.
*rolls eyes* Do NPs get to prescribe unsupervised in TN? Or is there some physician whose license this was done under?

No more LJ

Apr. 17th, 2019 06:19 pm
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 No offense, but they are making you sign a birthday greeting to their Russian .... the only word I have for him, is capo but I know that is wrong... it's .... fuck, idk. Nope. I will say a kind word for Brad Fitz but saying HBD to some guy I hardly know? No. No. And no. 

I made a WP blog. It's here. I use the WP app, and I post pix there. I can honestly say that WP is better. Less... boggy? Idk. I wish there was a Dreamwidth app. I would be on that like shit on a shingle. I would. :D

I am going to post some more pix later... maybe tomorrow at my appt. Although, tis going to rain, so maybe not. 



Apr. 17th, 2019 12:44 pm
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I was starting to feel better about my crappy yesterday, and my mother called again, talking about how disappointed I wouldn't be coming until early June (2.5 weeks after when she wanted me to come) and how it's so long and also so close to my next visit in August, maybe I just shouldn't come for either visit. Thanks gods I haven't bought my ticket yet. Part of me is happily grasping at straws that I won't have to go, while I also know that if I don't, I'll be nagged about it for months or years, and I might not get to go to GenCon, and my mom will likely find other consequences.

OTOH, I really don't want to give in and go earlier, since it takes me weeks to brace myself for visiting them, and always has, and also [personal profile] teaotter and I will be going to visit dear friends in Oakland in late May - which I'll need to keep secret from my mom or I'd be nagged about visiting friends when I should be visiting my parents. I'm exceedingly sick of my mother, and am halfway considering canceling that trip and visiting my mom when [personal profile] teaotter visits our friends just so I won't have to deal with the current level of my mom's hostility.
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I received an email today from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (consumerfinance.gov) with the subject line "Sandbox: Your email address and username have changed." and the text "If you did not make or request this change, or the new email address/username is incorrect, please contact us immediately at (855) 411-2372."

And, as long-time readers may remember, I use plus-addressing, and of course I had used a unique tag when I had opened an account (to complain about BoA, actually) with the CFPB years ago, and, yes, the tag in the email address was correct. Whoever it was who was emailing me had access to the CFPB's corpus of complainant email addresses.

I read the header, and there was a lot about Salesforce.com in there, and a SPF soft fail. There were no malicious urls hidden in the body and the phone number was correct, so *shrug* I called the CFPB.

They were very abashed and apologetic. And "knew about the issue". No, they weren't compromised; yes, "the emails had been sent in error".
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No use to me, don't have a 3D printer, but maybe someone is interested? 3D printable dungeon accessories, monsters, etc.


Some of it looks very good, but of course it all depends on the quality of the printer.

No dentist today -- tomorrow...

Apr. 17th, 2019 12:26 pm
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 So, no dentist today. So, I will sim. Or play Pokemon either online or on Little Louloowu... again.. don't know why Grammy calls it that. It's big and black. :o Little is not a word to describe it.

I have Pokemon Ultra Sun, Moon, Y, Alpha Sapphire, Crystal, and Silver plus Tomodachi Life, and various demos. :) I am thinking of either getting a Wii or save up for a damn Switch. Although, this looks promising. Only time will tell. IF I get my trillium benefit, then, I'm def buying a Switch, and with my GST, getting games will be easy.

You have no idea how bad I want this. I am 100% gamer at heart. 
I'm feeling better btw...


Bees and stomach problems

Apr. 17th, 2019 06:53 am
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 As I might have mentioned, my sister is getting better. She has ECTs and new meds. I am so happy for her... and can't wait for her to get back home. :D

This morning my stomach started cramping up. I think it's from the chicken last night bc even though Er-bear breaded the drumsticks in panko, I still get a sour stomach from chicken drumsticks. I think it's the grease? Anyways, I hope it's nothing more. A little TMI for ya.

TMI warning! )

Yeah. Anyways, a good morning to y'all. I will chat later. 

Good morning to y'all...

Apr. 17th, 2019 05:22 am
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 So, today is Wednesday, so I either go to the dentist today or tomorrow. I think it's this morning, so I had better ask Paula to save lunch for me. I will bring along my tab, and take pictures, if it ain't raining. Sunny and 12C. Good! Um.. we are supposed to get a t-storm tomorrow. I'm getting this all from the Canadian government website.

I hear the GO trains coming and going. They are early, they usually start at 6. Unless it's a freight train... Newmarket is a train town. We get a lot of cargo here... both goods and people are brought in and out of the town on a regular basis. I guess you could say we are a bedroom community... 

I was going to catch up with my LJ friends last night but I was so damn tired... and my miis Dallas and Cookie had a baby girl named Brynna last night on Tomodachi Life. I will have a picture of baby Bryn later... just as soon as I can get my SD card reader to work.

Well.. I might sim for awhile.

[health, me] Technical Difficulties

Apr. 17th, 2019 12:07 am
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I am experiencing some technical difficulties with my body: I'm having some RSI problems with my arms, and also I seem to have injured a leg. The remaining limb aint none to happy with the resultant distribution of labor.

My various hurt bits seem to improve if I don't use them. But everything in my life seems to consist of either keyboarding/writing or going somewhere. Argh.

[labor, MA] Peapod Update

Apr. 16th, 2019 11:56 pm
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Peapod has no delivery times available until Sunday April 28. This suggests either an abundance of caution, or they don't think the Stop and Shop strike is being resolved any time in the next week and a half.

They're still aggressively advertising their new delivery discount deals, which one cannot presently elect. I'm guessing that was preprogrammed in advance, or maybe there's areas they're still delivering in? Their notification text suggests that.
Also, it was updated:
Important information regarding order availability.

We are experiencing some service disruptions within your service area due to a result of current negotiations between UFCW unions and Stop&Shop. If you are looking to place an order, delivery and pick-up times may be limited. Please check the Delivery Times page to see current availability for your specific location.

We know our customers rely on us. We’re working hard to ensure that we can continue to serve the communities that we operate in and we hope to be back to full service availability as quickly as possible. We genuinely appreciate your business and thank you for your patience.

If you have any questions about a scheduled order, please call or email Peapod Customer Care on 800-5-PEAPOD (800-573-2763) or service@peapod.com
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Continuing my Harry Potter / DC crossover, previous parts on any of these archives:

On Fanfiction.net
On Archive of Our Own
On Twisting the Hellmouth

XVIII: Puffskeins, Pumpkins and Potions )

Comments please before I post to archives.


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