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2019-01-13 04:11 pm


An Interesting site that specializes as an online Encyclopedia for Writing Systems and Languages that can be useful to folks interested in both real world languages and info that can be applied to constructed languages in world design for fiction/gaming. : Online Encyclopedia

A finding from my wandering the internet on a train of thought while trying to avoid the harsh realities of politics and rude people.
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2019-01-11 09:14 am

Gaming Blog Link Of Interest

The True Story of the Cthulhu and Elric Sections Removed from Deities & Demigods

I haven't played any edition or flavor of D&D in something like 27 years, but I do sometimes read up on the history of the game and what has come since I walked away from it.

The story about what happened to the original AD&D Deities & Demigods was well known in many gaming circles, even to the point where it made the first edition books a collector's item because of what they included that was removed.

Here's a piece about what really happened instead of the story that we were all told back in the day....

[The True Story About Deities & Demigods]
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2018-12-18 11:32 am

Goblin Emporium Moving Plan

So, my community on Gplus is being transitioned over to a new site:

The Goblin Emporium has served 850+ members on G+ for many years, but with the fading of that service I needed to move it someplace that could offer good moderation controls, was easy to access and use and was free.

The Emporium is where folks buy/sell/trade or give away Roleplaying Games, Books, Miniatures and other supplies without middlemen or auctions (so no Ebay etc.) and without anyone taking a cut or management fee from the deals.

If anyone here happens to see this post and is interested, feel free to drop on by the site and set up an account. I don't expect a lot of traffic there right away, at least not before the start of the new year.

It's still in the process of being set up and the bugs worked out, but seems to be nearly fully functional for what folks expected from the old community.