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So, my community on Gplus is being transitioned over to a new site:

The Goblin Emporium has served 850+ members on G+ for many years, but with the fading of that service I needed to move it someplace that could offer good moderation controls, was easy to access and use and was free.

The Emporium is where folks buy/sell/trade or give away Roleplaying Games, Books, Miniatures and other supplies without middlemen or auctions (so no Ebay etc.) and without anyone taking a cut or management fee from the deals.

If anyone here happens to see this post and is interested, feel free to drop on by the site and set up an account. I don't expect a lot of traffic there right away, at least not before the start of the new year.

It's still in the process of being set up and the bugs worked out, but seems to be nearly fully functional for what folks expected from the old community.


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