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So over the last few weeks on the now dead G+, I and a number of the other folks still there posted up a series of Youtube Videos.

These were a combination of music, movie and tv clips (and a few poems) that we felt reflected our mood, emotions, reflections and connections to each other thru Googleplus as it was going thru it's undeserved and outright evil death at the hands of the Alphabet/Google Corporate Leadership that had hated the social network for years because it wasn't Facebook.

I collected all these into a playlist.

Our Collective Creation : The Souls of Googleplus Cry Out (Link)

Feel free to Experience it.


Mar. 13th, 2019 08:19 am
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(Relearning How to Imbed Media on Dreamwidth)
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So, I have (like many people) a HUGE collection of MP3 recordings, about made from my CD collection and the other half being Old Time Radio Shows, Lectures and Podcasts.

I was previously using two programs to access them on my machine, Itunes and Music Bee. I extensively used the playlist functions to help delineate music from non-music files.

An update by Itunes apparent TRASHED my playlists on both programs a few months ago. The shows and recordings are still there on my hard drive and cataloged, but the playlists are GONE.

I want to rebuild my playlists, but I want a program that runs easily under Windows 10 that will not leave me at the whim of a software update deleting my work later.

Anyone have some Good Suggestions?


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