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This 2012 film was my afternoon entertainment while working on other things yesterday, via Net Flix

It's A film, about a play, done as a Radio Play, with an all star cast of UK comedy actors. It says it represents and presents the fall of the British Empire (1898 onward) from the viewpoint of Eric Idle's character, a Piano.

Yes, A Piano is the narrator voice he choice. The Piano is both narrator and essential to the plot, but only communicates with the audience directly.

It is a tale done in radio style, many of the actors play more than one part (but without costume changes) so you must pay attention to voice, accent, and sometimes the cheat of body language to tell who is speaking. Which itself is great....

And it's done with a large audience that the play is performing in front of (a real audience not extras). So yes, its a Movie of A Play About A Radio Drama. Filled with things that you could never do (even on the BBC) in regards to language, innuendo, Entendres (Double, Singular and I think once Triple) of sexual or political natures.

Although set in period (well several since it spans thru the world wars) it includes some sly modern references (and politics) and also for certain catch phrases from other things they are famous for as a fan service of sorts.

Overall an amusing piece to listen to, though it does have its "naughty bits" in the dialogue the rudeness is all in your mind not in visuals. If you don't mind a little bit of swearing and some surrealness to your humor its worth a watch/listen (I only watched half the rest I listened to, since I'm a big radio drama fan this did not impact the quality of the film once I had the actors and who was playing which clearly in my minds eye).

Cast Included : Eric Idle, Russell Brand, Tim Curry, Billy Connolly, Eddie Izzard, Jim Piddock, Tracey Ullman, Jane Leeves, Sophie Winkleman.

This was filmed before Tim Curry's stroke that left him in a wheelchair in 2012.


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