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2019-04-02 09:42 am

End Of Days... The Fall of Google Plus

So over the last few weeks on the now dead G+, I and a number of the other folks still there posted up a series of Youtube Videos.

These were a combination of music, movie and tv clips (and a few poems) that we felt reflected our mood, emotions, reflections and connections to each other thru Googleplus as it was going thru it's undeserved and outright evil death at the hands of the Alphabet/Google Corporate Leadership that had hated the social network for years because it wasn't Facebook.

I collected all these into a playlist.

Our Collective Creation : The Souls of Googleplus Cry Out (Link)

Feel free to Experience it.
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2019-03-02 06:10 am
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Looking For Some Videos?

I watch a lot of Youtube videos, as I find them entertaining viewing with breakfast and sometimes lunch and allow me to expand my horizons, learn new stuff, and just find the funny.

If you're looking for something different take a look at the playlists (constantly expanding) I have set up on my youtube channel:

Joseph Teller Play Lists

There's a few music ones in among the more interesting subjects (Like History, Tabletop Gaming, Film & TV, Writing, Science, etc.)
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2019-01-09 07:23 am

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History Guy Short: SS Warrimoo and a New Century.

Not A Three Hour Tour....

Youtube : SS Warrimoo's Time Travel Trip
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2019-01-09 06:22 am
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My Youtube Aspects

So my Youtube video aspects have been set up. These are all videos I thought interesting and separated into categories.
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2019-01-07 08:29 pm

Aspects Of Youtube

So, I'm working to cross-connect/reference my various communication points with folks on the internet and social/content sites.

On and on G+ plus I have often posted links to video/audio content on Youtube for discussions. To give folks the ability to look back at things I previously linked to on pluspora there is no built in method.

So I spent many hours today on my Youtube account setting up specific playlists of material by category that folks might be interested in that I have watched and shared over the past 6 months or so.

I wanted to also offer the link to these 'Aspects' based playlists here for anyone that might be interested in any of them. These will be hopefully maintained going forward as well when I post new links.

Click Here for The playlists

The Aspect Categories Are: Art, Biography, Fiction, Food, Gaming (Computer), Gaming (Tabletop), History, Humor, Pagan (includes mythology), Science, Technology (includes computing), Writing, Zibaldone (language, words, culture & philosophy)